The Republic of Rome

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The Republic of Rome
Verlag: Avalon Hill
Autor(en): Don Greenwood, Richard Berthold,
Robert Haines
Typ: Verhandlungs- und Intrigenspiel
Mitspieler: 1 bis 6
Altersempfehlung: ab 16 Jahren
Dauer: 3 bis 5 Stunden

REPUBLIC OF ROME is a multi-player, diplomacy game set in ancient Rome which spans more than 200 years of the republic from the Punic Wars to the assassination of Julius Caesar and the onset of the Empire. Three to six players vie to control the Senate while also cooperating for the good of the state against Rome's enemies. It is this constant balancing act between personal advancement and the welfare of the state that sets REPUBLIC OF ROME apart from ordinary games. If the players allow their personal goals to interfere too heavily with the republic's best interests, the people may revolt or the state may fall to foreign conquest and all players will be put to the sword. Not since KINGMAKER and Civilization have so many innovative concepts appeared in a multi-player boardgame.

Spartacus has destroyed your villa? Send Pompey off with ten legions to crush him. But is that too much power to entrust to one man? What if Pompey rebels and marches on Rome? Such checks and balances abound in a game replete with moves and countermoves as historical figures with special capabilities appear and die with the passing years. All of the great names of Rome and those who opposed them appear once again to contest control of the Mediterranean. Wars, revolts, droughts, epidemics, and a host of other random events flash before your paper time machine as fortunes rise and fall.


  • 1 16" x 22" mounted Gameboard
  • 1 24 page Rulebook with Historical & Designer's Notes
  • 192 illustrated Action cards
  • 6 Faction/Sequence of Play cards
  • 3 Six-sided dice (one green, two white)
  • 3 Sheets of die-cut playing pieces (503 marker)
  • deutsche Spielhilfen

The Game

The game contains three scenarios which divide the color-coded cards into decks simulating the Early, Middle, and Late Republic. Those wishing a larger game can combine them into a Campaign Game of truly epic proportions. A solitaire and two-player version are also included for those unable to muster more players.

Be forewarned! REPUBLIC OF ROME is not a wargame in the traditional sense. It is a game of political intrigue with military overtones that literally oozes the rich detail of the period's history. A deck of 192 illustrated cards sets the scene for the panoramic spectacle that was the Roman republic. As that history unfolds before them, each player's faction of influential Senators vies for political power, military commands, and economic advantages against the backdrop of a turbulent world. Deals and counter-offers abound. Short the necessary votes for Consul? Trade the Armaments Concession for a faction's support.