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Verlag: Steve Jackson Games
Autor: Steve Jackson
Erscheinungsjahr: 1992
Mitspieler: 3 bis 6
Dauer: von 90 Minuten bis 2,5 Stunden

In 1990, Steve Jackson Games was raided by the U.S. Secret Service during a "hacker hunt" that went disastrously out of control. We lost several computers, modems and other equipment. Worse, we lost the manuscripts to several uncompleted games, most notably GURPS Cyberpunk, which a Secret Service agent the next day called "a handbook for computer crime." The company had to lay off half its staff, and narrowly avoided bankruptcy.

Eventually, we got most of our property back (though some of it was damaged or destroyed). The Secret Service admitted that we'd never even been a target of their investigation. We have a lawsuit pending against the officials and agencies responsible.

But since the day of the raid, gamers have been asking us "When are you going to make a game about it?"

Okay. We give up. Here it is. Have fun.

Components include[Bearbeiten]

  • 2 rulebook
  • 110 cards
    • 41 Regular System Cards. Light blue, with double-arrow design at edges
      • Six of these are hubs, with a dark blue spiral-star pattern overlaid on the card.
    • 9 Indial System Cards. Dark blue, with the double-arrow design at edges and a white phone symbol in the center.
    • 60 Special Cards. White, with black and blue text.
  • 153 assorted marker chips (3 blue and 2 green missed)
    • 20 account chips for each of the 6 colors
    • 3 Secret Indial chips for each color
    • 2 Back Door chips for each color
    • 3 Known Indial chips
  • 4 blank extras (removed)
  • 6 console units - large rectangles to be folded and set up.
  • 24 system upgrades (large keystone-shaped counters). There are also two blank upgrades to replace lost ones or invent your own.
  • 10 Crash Markers (with nuke symbol)
  • 12 Bust markers (handcuffs)
  • 1 Net Ninja marker (throwing star)
  • 2 dice

The game[Bearbeiten]

In Hacker, players sail through the Net, competing to invade the most computer systems. The more systems you crack, the more you learn, and the easier your next target is. You can find back doors and secret phone lines, and even crash the systems your rivals are using. But be careful. There's a Secret Service Raid waiting for you!

Based on the classic Illuminati system, Hacker requires guile and diplomacy. To win, you must trade favors with your fellow hackers - and get more than you give away. But jealous rivals will try to bust you. Three busts and you're out of the game. Shared victories are possible, but not easy!

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